POSITION: Chief Financial Officer (encompassing Financial Management, IT and HR)

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Statutory Professional Body

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer

TOTAL STAFF RESPONSIBILITY: Three direct reports and 15 people

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: Assume responsibility and authority for providing visionary and innovative leadership and direction to the business support areas of Finance and Accounting, Business Processes and Information Technology, Quality Management and Human Resources. Accountable for the organisation’s R60 million overall operating budget and a key Member of the Executive Committee.


  • A qualified Chartered Accountant (non-negotiable)
  • Essential to have sound PFMA knowledge (non- negotiable)
  • Experienced in financial management and corporate governance gained working in an organisation with a turnover of at least R30 million
  • Useful to have overseen human resources and information technology functions
  • A track record of innovative information financial systems development, leadership and implementation of strategic plans
  • Able to lead change – including leading people through change
  • Excellent diagnostic skills and rigorous approach to problem solving


  • Review, develop and continuously optimise business processes
  • Develop policies, systems and procedures for budgeting, financial reporting and management accounting
  • Provide relevant and accurate reports and management information
  • Oversee the implementation of the new IT system
  • Develop and implement organisation-wide document management, human resources management and quality management systems
  • Develop the organisation’s risk register
  • Ensure that sound corporate governance principles are adhered to
  • Ensure compliance with the prescripts of the PFMA


Note: Part of the Woodburn Mann process involves verification of your qualifications. Many clients also request that that potential candidates complete criminal and credit checks.