POSITION: General Manager, Project

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Healthcare Industry

REPORTING TO: Chief Executive Officer

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Budget to be proposed by incumbent


SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: As General Manager, Project provide leadership and direction to all call centre employees so as to develop and train a team of highly motivated and professional staff. Drive quality, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in every interaction; monitor costs and improve efficiencies in the department and act as ambassador for customer services to improve standards within the organisation as a whole. Particular emphasis on: launching the project as a project owner; commercialising the operation and establishing a world class Call Centre, which will contribute to the bottom line and profitability



  • Must have had exposure to establishing or managing a call centre with profit and loss responsibility, be familiar with call centre technology
  • A minimum of five years managing and motivating a diverse team of people
  • Must have experience in leading an innovative initiative which served as a disruptor to a specific industry
  • Proven ability to deal with customers of various types and levels and provide exceptional customer service.




  • Ability to build and lead an effective and cohesive management team
  • Must be a graduate. Post graduate qualification would be an advantage



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