POSITION: Managing Director

NATURE OF BUSINESS: High Voltage Electrical Equipment Supplier

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

REPORTS TO: Chairman of the Board

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: Assume responsibility and authority for the effective leadership and profitable management of the company so as to achieve a financial performance which is in line with agreed objectives with particular emphasis on: driving operational and commercial performance; growing market share; ensuring the provision of the highest levels of quality and customer service; developing and retaining keystaff and expanding its products and services

GROUP BACKGROUND: A company that supplies high quality medium and high voltage equipment to the utilities and other large industrial end-users of electrical energy


  • Must have a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) degree
  • At least eighteen years post-qualifying experience in both technical and commercial roles in the high and medium voltage electrical industry
  • Successful track record of sales of electrical products and services to Eskom, the public sector and large industrial organizations
  • Must currently bein a general management position


  • Immediately establish credibility as Managing Director without alienation of existing staff
  • Rapidly assume managerial responsibility and authority so as to build upon the existing success

  • Determine a strategic vision,objectives and operating criteria for the immediate, medium and long term
  • Oversee the preparation of consolidated budgets, forecasts and monthly financial and performance reportsby the 5th of each month

  • Ensure turnover and profitability targets are achieved through growth in sales, increasing operatingmargins, managing stock, working capital and cash flow and controlling foreigncurrency
  • Ensure the company is compliant with Black EconomicEmpowerment legislation and Government and Health and Safety regulations

Send your details in confidence to: haley.bacher@woodburnmann.co.za


Note:  Part of the Woodburn Mann process involves verification your qualifications. Many clients also request that potential candidates complete criminal and credit checks.