POSITION: Non-Executive Director

NATURE OF BUSINESS: South African Non-Governmental Organisation

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

TIME REQURED:  4 to 5 Board Meetings annually (each of two hours duration)

                               Sub-Committees – also 4 to 5 Meetings annually

                               (Non-Executive Directors based abroad could attend via skype)



SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: The Non-Executive Director should bring an experienced and objective view to Board issues and deliberations. He/she would be expected to have an impact on the Board, providing a dynamic and creative contribution to the strategic direction of the organisation as well as on a wide range of business issues. He/she may be appointed as a Member of appropriate Sub-Committees depending on his/her areas of expertise. He/she should be able to draw on their broad network in order to assist in the raising of funds





  • Ideally should have held a C-suite executive role with a proven track record of strategic executive leadership

  • A commitment to and competent understanding of high standards of corporate governance and of director’s responsibilities including his/her fiduciary duties

  • Understanding of business generally and an appreciation of broad economic, commercial and financial trends




  • Acquire a broad understanding of the organisation’s culture, operations and the reasons and logic underlying where the Board intends to direct their main activities during the next few years

  • Familiarise him/herself with the major requirements of the position so as to ensure good corporate governance and bring his/her particular experience and training to bear on the Board's deliberations


Note: Woodburn Mann will verify the qualifications of candidates prior to client interview. Should you be interviewed by Woodburn Mann you will be asked to sign a consent form to permit us to verify your qualifications. Scanned copies of your degrees and diplomas may be asked for and can be sent to us when sending us your educational and career details.