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Hanging Around!

Late afternoon on the Botswanan bank of the Chobe River, a troop of Savanna Baboons were grooming each other. One of the females had a young juvenile pink faced baboon with large pink ears. The young baboon was very bored with proceedings and spent all his time running and jumping up on his mother. At one stage, he grabbed his mother’s tail and proceeded to hang and swing from the tail having lots of fun.

Savanna Baboon Papio Cynocephalus

A big animal with a dog (cyno) head (cephalus). Powerful build with shoulders higher than withers, and sturdy limbs. Close-set eyes below prominent brow ridge, sizable, nearly naked ears; long muzzle and powerful jaws. Juveniles lighter coloured than adults; infants black with pink faces and ears.

Nikon D4s, Nikkor VR 600mm f4 G lens with 1.4 x Teleconverter, effective focal length 850mm 1/1600 sec @ f13, Auto ISO 2000, Exposure Compensation -0.7 EV

Photograph by Trevor Woodburn