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2010 Digital Calendar photo description

"Turtle Textures "


This Green Sea Turtle was happily swimming around at the rear of the dive boat and happened to pass by

in order to inspect its own reflection in the dome port of the underwater housing. It was late in the day and hence the setting sun allowed the water to lose any light and presented a beautiful green backdrop

to the Turtle’s spectacular shell and leathery skin. This specimen has a fine patterned shell without much sea growth. The Green Sea Turtle is named for the green color of the fat under its shell.


Green Sea Turtle  -Chelonia mydas


Sea Turtles have lived on this planet for 130 million years. Now the seven global species of Marine Turtles are all

in serious decline throughout most of their range. Habitat degradation, pollution, egg poaching and over-fishing

threaten to make them extinct. All flippers have one visible claw. The carapace colour varies from pale to very dark green and plain to very brilliant yellow, brown and green tones with radiating stripes Adults are 76-91 cm in carapace length. Adults weigh between 136 to 80 kg and mostly eat sea grass and algae.


Nikon D200 10.5 megapixel resolution,  Nikon AF 10.5mm Fisheye F2.8  lens, Housed in Sea & Sea D200 housing 1/125th sec @ f10. ISO100 taken while diving at depth of 1m within the Similan Islands of Thailand


Photograph by Andrew Woodburn