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2010 Digital Calendar photo description 



Flame Goatfish, Yellow Snapper, Blue-lined Snapper school on the Amazon reef many kilometers off-shore where they seek protection in the confusing camouflage of the shoal. Periodically other fish, such as the Grey Rubber Lips, will join the shoal to use the many eyes that look for danger as its own protective cloak. As can be seen in the background these shoals move around the reef hiding from predators and also the strong current. While many eyes keep watch, others get to graze the reef or sandy bottom for food.

Flame Goatfish  -  Mulloidichthys vanicolensis

Flame Goatfish vary in colour but are generally yellow with varying degrees of red or blue on them. Fins are yellow and lips are fleshy with long thin chin barbells reaching 33 cms in length. Goatfish are usually found in the vicinity of reefs throughout the indo-Pacific. They use their movable barbells to detect food on the seabed.

Nikon D300,  10.2  megapixel resolution,  AF Nikor 10.5 mm fisheye D lens,

Housed in Sea & SEA D300 housing, 1/30 th sec @ f10,   ISO 200,  taken while

diving at a depth of 30 m offshore in Central Mozambique from Tofo, Inhambane

Photograph by Andrew Woodburn