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2010 Digital Calendar photo description 

"Fish Flyby"  

This Potato Bass diligently followed divers around his patch of reef that was his territory.

While surveying these awkward undersea divers he in turn was eyed by the passing school of Unicorn Fish. This shoal kept a beady eye on him since with absolutely no hesitation he would want to open

his cavernous mouth and attempt to swallow as many as possible for his dinner.


Potato Bass  - Epinephelus tukula


A large robust, grey, brown fish with dark ovate spots all over its body and fins. It sports a huge mouth with fine teeth and hunts by night and day on reefs. The Potato Bass has a rounded tailfin and grows to a size of 2 m and over 100 kg. This bass can swim to depths of 150 m and remains a solitary, territorial, top predator that can be aggressive to divers if provoked but generally is docile and a good diving companion.


Nikon D300,  10.2  megapixel resolution,  AF Nikor 10.5 mm fisheye D lens,

Housed in Sea & SEA D300 housing, 1/60 th sec @ f11,   ISO 200, taken while

diving at a depth of 24 m offshore in Central Mozambique from Pomene


Photograph by Andrew Woodburn