A vision for the future:
The Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute provides a workable, in-depth approach to assist corporations and individuals to reach their full potential, and lead the way for an improved future for the African continent.


Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute

The Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute uses a unique integrated leadership model to assess where your executives are currently positioned on the leadership map and to support them in their journey to becoming extraordinary leaders.

Our Leadership framework integrates traditional models, like competencies, with some of the latest brain-based research on how our decision making is informed. In addition, our framework is built on extensive research from behavioural economics and on emotional and social intelligence, creating a diverse, broad and comprehensive leadership framework.

Board and Executive Assessment

Align your team’s strengths with your strategy through detailed, powerful evaluation and reflection to produce a unique talent map for your organisation.

360 Assessments

360 assessments provide a valuable snapshot of the leadership profile of an executive or a team, providing a powerful platform for further development.

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Holistic, customised programmes to engage, support and develop executives across all industries and sectors.