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Executive Assessment, Development and Coaching

The Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute's mission is to ensure all candidates we encounter through servicing our clients’ needs, whether they be internal or external in an organisation, are provided with timely and appropriate guidance to assist their career and personal progression. Our personal development programme has been designed as an opportunity for individual reflection and growth with concrete outputs, both psychological and physical, to establish a foundation for career and personal development.

Our flagship executive leadership assessments focus on individual leaders and teams, calibrating fit to the business and outlining the development they need to unleash their full potential. The assessment reports help Boards and CEOs to take decisions around top talent in terms of CEO appointments and succession planning and enables the discussion as to whether the team as a whole meets the strategic requirements of the business. Individual reports are shared with executives as part of a broader development conversation. The consolidated report team report delivers a map of the top table that generates fresh thinking and provides deep insights around team preparedness to execute the company strategy. Executives value the process as a positive experience and an important investment in their development.

We work with a team of coaches, harnessing the power of leadership development where it will have the greatest impact on performance at the executive level. Coaching is holistic and will always take the individual’s greater needs into account. Many of our clients report how coaching has influenced not only the quality of their engagement and performance at work, but also their wellbeing and their personal relationships.

Our executive development programme is a holistic programme that provides critical support to senior executives during times of change. Organisations engage us to support retention of senior executives, and to support early retirement or exiting of senior executives. Individual leaders engage us as they consider a career change, for example a move from a senior corporate role to a more entrepreneurial role or taking on a number of consulting and Board roles.