The Amrop Woodburn Mann Wildlife Calendar has been in production since 2006 and reflects our deep connection to the African continent. The images are taken by our Chairman and founder, Dr Trevor Woodburn, and our Managing Director, Andrew Woodburn and are enjoyed by wildlife and photography enthusiasts alike. The collection below is a photographic journey across the plains and oceans of Africa from calendars past.

April 2024

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Late afternoon in the Ngala Private Game Reserve, part of the greater Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, these two mongooses scurried across the ground and peered out from behind a termite mound.

Slender or Black-tipped Mongoose - Herpestes sanguineus

Long, lithe, with short legs and black-tipped tail, often seen darting across roads and paths. Tail: nearly as long, tapering to a thin tip. Pointed snout with wide, low ears. Teeth adapted for meat eating. Colour: Grey to dark brown, eyes red. The form of the English name (since 1698) was altered to its “goose” ending. The plural form is ‘mongooses’.

Nikon Z9 with Nikkor 100-400/4.5 – 5.6 VR 5 lens with Nikon Teleconverter 2.0x,
effective focal length 800mm, 1/2500 sec @ f11, ISO 2200.

Photograph by Trevor Woodburn